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Maple Leaves - 03 Swatches - Makeup Stencil

Maple Leaves - 03 Swatches - Makeup Stencil

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With this beautiful sticker stencil with the drawing of maple leaves, you can do 3 swatches of any makeup product you want to show. 

Material: vinyl.

Swatches: 03. If you want variations in number of swatches of this same stencil draw contact me at emme@emmecosmetics.ca .

Size of the stencil draw area: 5.5 cm x 5 cm.

Colour of the vinyl: may vary. It doesn't interfere with the swatch end result.

How to apply: peel the back of the vinyl slowly and preferably diagonally. When all the white back is removed apply to a clean dry area of your skin. If you are to apply a base to do your swatch, do it after the sticker is applied to your skin, not before. Products applied on the skin before the sticker is placed may interfere with its adhering power. Same as an extra oily skin. We recommend you wash the area first, tap it dry with a towel and then apply your sticker stencil. Then, if preferred, apply your base and then swatch your makeup.

Advisement: if you are allergic to vinyl or any kind of sticker glue we do not recommend you to buy this product since it can irritate your skin.