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Mermaid - Glitter Gel - 5gr Jar
Mermaid - Glitter Gel - 5gr Jar
Mermaid - Glitter Gel - 5gr Jar

Mermaid - Glitter Gel - 5gr Jar

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Super easy, no mess! Our glitter gel jars are the easiest way to apply glitter without making a mess.

The glitter comes in a gel form (mixed with an 100% aloe vera gel base) making it super quick and easy to apply.

How to apply: with your dry finger/brush apply a thin layer and wait for it to dry. After it's dry apply another layer on top of the first one and wait for it to dry again. For more coverage you can even apply a 3rd layer. Usually with 2 layers you can get enough coverage. Spread it gently on your skin.

Our aloe vera base gel is quickly absorbed so your glitter gel application doesn't take very long to do.

After the gel has dried the glitter is perfectly sticked to your skin. Long lasting until it is washed of.

Recommendation of use: use it for face and body makeup. Keep closed after use, otherwise your glitter gel will dry.

Are glitters safe to use on the eyes? FDA does not approve any glitters as safe to use on the eye area. Glitters are tiny plastic particles and having sharp edges they can cut your skin if roughly rubbed into it. Even though, most makeup artists and enthusiasts use it. So use at your own discretion and please be gentle and careful with it around your eyes. We are not responsible for misuse of the product and possible personal injuries.

All the glitters we use are cosmetic grade so it's safer to use (adequate size and round edges).

How to remove it? It's easily removed with water and soap.

Ingredients: 100% aloe vera gel, cosmetic grade glitter, preservative (Phenoxyethanol, Caprylyl Glycol, Potassium Sorbate, Hexylene Glycol).

* Cruelty free (we don't test on animals neither does our suppliers).
* Vegan.
* Paraben free.
* Talc free.
* Dye free.
* Doesn't contain Titanium Dioxide.
* Lightly scented (aloe vera natural smell).

* Handmade: we produce small batches at once.
* Carefully and individually made with love.

Important NOTES:
* Allergies advisement: please read the ingredients list carefully to assure the item you are buying doesn't contain any ingredients you know you're allergic to.
* Returns: we do not accept returns. All sales are final.
* If your item arrives with any problem: contact us please so we can find a solution.

* Shelve life: 6 months after use.