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Dream Sunset BUNDLE - Volume II
Dream Sunset BUNDLE - Volume II
Dream Sunset BUNDLE - Volume II
Dream Sunset BUNDLE - Volume II

Dream Sunset BUNDLE - Volume II

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Please read this section for more information. If there's anything else you would like to know please feel free to contact us.

* Size: 26.5mm. 
* Material: tin. 
* Magnetically responsive pan (sticks to magnetic surfaces). 

* Inspired by a tropical sunset, this bundle comes with 9 eyeshadows: 3 shimmer shades, 6 matte shades.
* eyeshadows come with our logo stamped on them (except mattes and textured ones).
* does NOT come with eyeshadow palette included.

* Shimmers: Aphrodite, Helios, Sunray (new).
* Mattes: Strawberry Cake Pop, Sweetheart, Peach Macaroon, Peach Babe (new), Maracuja Mousse, Banana Split.
* NOTE: the colours on any digital screen or printer are not precise. Little differences between what is shown on your screen or printer and what you’ll receive are to be expected.


Please check our Ingredients List Page.

* Cruelty free (we don't test on animals neither does our suppliers).
* Vegan. 
* Mineral makeup.
* Dye free. 
* Contains Titanium Dioxide. 
* Paraben free.
* Very pigmented and buttery.

* Do not use eyeshadows on the lips.

* This is a handmade product, so small differences and imperfections are to be expected because of the artisanal process (not industrial). 
* We only produce small batches at once.
* Carefully and individually made with love on a highly sanitized environment.

* Allergies advisement: please read the ingredients list carefully to assure the item you are buying doesn't contain any ingredients you know you're allergic to. 
* Returns: we do not accept returns. All sales are final.
* We do not recommend you to travel with your palette on your checked baggage. Please carry it with your hand items.