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Makeup Brush Set - Rose Gold and Pink - Eye brushes

Makeup Brush Set - Rose Gold and Pink - Eye brushes

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A gorgeous makeup brush set with 12 brushes for eye makeup. The set comes with a rose gold and pink pouch that fits them all inside.

The set contain 12 brushes for very precise and detailed eye makeup and a set pouch:

- 4 shader brushes (from very small to big size);
- 4 round crease brushes (from very small to medium size);
- 4 essencial brushes (from mini detail to big size).
- rose gold pouch (super cute rose gold pouch with rose gold zipper. Has an extra pocket inside. Satin pink interior. You can use to store your brushes or makeup items on the go). See more details on:

- ferrule: Rose Gold;
- wand: light pink.
-> The brushes come with "Emme Cosmetics" imprinted in black on the wand part of the brush.

- ferrule: metal.
- wand: wood coated with pink ink. Very smooth and easy to handle.
- brush hairs: 8 are goat hair and 4 are synthetic fibre.

- the brushes have a graduated size, going from a very small size for detailed work to a bigger size (for dispensing a larger amount of product).
- they're very soft, the hairs are very well cut and aligned.
- we didn't experience any shed even after wash it on our "Lilumia Brush Washer Machine".
- the set is very girly and beautiful. What colours can be more feminine than rose gold and pink?
- we divided the set in 3 categories:
-> shader brushes (to pack your main lid eyeshadow),
-> crease brushes (to apply and blend your eyeshadows on the crease) and
-> essencial brushes (synthetic brushes that are the most essential types: detailed, angled, blending, and round eyeshadow base).
- the brushes don't come with their numbers printed but we gave them numbers anyway so it's easier to identify them.

S01: 6 inches length (15.5cm)
S02: 6 inches length (15.5cm)
S03: 6 inches length (15.5cm)
S04: 5 3/4 inches length (14.5cm)

C01: 6 inches length (15.5cm)
C02: 6 inches length (15.5cm)
C03: 6 1/4 inches length (16cm)
C04: 6 1/4 inches length (16cm)

E01: 6 inches length (15.5cm)
E02: 5 3/4 inches length (14.5cm)
E03: 6 1/4 inches length (16cm)
E04: 6 inches length (15.5cm)

- we decided to start our brush collection with eye brushes, as the products that are our main focus are eyeshadows.
- we also choose this set of brushes because not everyone (me for example) likes only big brushes to work on their eyes. There's a need on the market for more precise eye makeup brushes. This set also contains these smaller sizes of brushes for those like me who like them. They're also great to work on hooded lids (smaller space to work with your eyeshadows).
- in the future we may also add face brushes to our collection.

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